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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hat Yai Trip 1 : We arrived in Hat Yai

After more than 10 hours bus-ing, stop here and there.. finally we arrived in Hat Yai.
Not a bad trip, 10 hours sitting in the super cold bus.
We took Konsortium, Double-Decker from Pudu Raya Bus station (Kuala Lumpur)
at 11pm, and reach there 9am the next day.

Go to Hat Yai, Suggest to have the trip with someone / friends and bring lot of money,
wont be that fun if you go there alone or go without money,
too many things you want to buy or eat here :-)

(that is not me, it's my lil sister)

many people said, she is me in a slim version... 
(wtf..! haha)

That is the bus we took,
It cost us RM 45.00 (USD 15.00) one way you can buy it online. Convenient isn't it?

One of my friend said, why you go to Hat Yai
there is nothing there but prostitution. Nothing interesting, you waste your time go to Hat Yai, etc etc etc
go here and there instead (She mentioned about Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok all of those exotic beaches)

for me, there is no bad place in this life.
We visit, so that we know what those place looks like. And we got what we look for.
You visit to look for prostitute, you will find all the prostitution spot you want.
You visit to look for food, you will find all the restaurant you want.
You visit for shopping, you will find all the market and bazaar you want.
(and of course, we always fully aware what place we going to visit... you will "google" about the place before you visit don't you..?)

plenty halal food in Hat Yai,
no need to worry about the food concern...

Just after arrived, we rushed to one restaurant.
To fill up the fuel before we could think what we going to do.

A cowboy man, shock me when suddenly he scream very loud.
"Angry bird, Angry bird..."

ah, he sold a toys for kids.. :)

A guy try to sell some peanut, which is I don't know what is that...

my sister, waiting for our food while I too busy roam around try to take picture.

Milk Tea, RM 3

Around Lee Garden Plaza,
the centre of Hat Yai city.

Street Market will start as early as 6am, and finish at 12.00 midnight.
clothing are cheap here, and they have their own design.
Quality : well, you got what you pay :)

If you want to wear some T-shirt which is different with KL's shops,
go shopping here...

Hand bag,



Visit Thailand,
you will always amaze with the fruits.
All shiny, smooth skin and big size
(wonder, how many gallon pesticide they use to prevent from fruit flies..)
compare with Malaysian local fruits, especially with label "Organic"
berbintik, berjerawat and lot of them appear in mutan-shape, but no pesticide..

And of course,
we have our preference about what we wants...

(Always I talk out of topic, haha..)

After breakfast,
now we need to walk around try to find out where is our hotel
and to burn some calories up..
shower, and rest..
before we load another food in.. :-)



Anonymous said...

Apa yg best di hatyai?

Mrs said...

best sangat tak de la.. tapi ok gak..
cheap place untuk shopping, esp baju. sangat murah, dan usually different model with in Malaysia.
Makanan, ok la.. bit expensive if you compare with Kuala Lumpur street food.

zull mjd said...

Macam best Je..nak pergi gak lah..