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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hat Yai trip 3 : Floating Market

After shower, rest, and finish up the very important online conversation with MD.
We continue to roam around to floating market.
According to the local, Klong Hae floating market only happen during weekend (is it...?)
Well, I don't know...
but when I went there, was Sunday. Perfect time to visit floating market.

Talk to the local, ask how much to take car or tuk-tuk to Klong Hae,
it's about THB 400 - THB 500 for back and forth (expensive, sigh...!!)

Finally we manage to talk to one of the driver, and he offer THB 400 for back and forth
and unlimited waiting period while we roam around

He pointing at that corner,
He :  Talam Nat Khlong Hae...  *&%&& kap... **^&^+)#%% kap... (&%%.. kap...
         600 Baht..
Me : 400 only
He : 0(&^&^ kap.... (pointing at the red car)
Me : Red Car..? (*EXCITED)
He : *&&*^% kap.... (nodding the head) 500 Baht
Me :  No Money... No Money.... 
         400 Baht => OK,  500 baht => No money
He : OK &*^&^& kap... come...

Then I follow him,

(oh well, I am wrong. We take tuk-tuk NEXT TO red car)

the other mistake, I was eating lunch in the city before we went to the market.
I am soooo regret eating lunch before we went.

Next time I got chance to go there again,
I will starve myself for three days before the trip.

nice gate isn't it..

30-40 minutes tuk-tuk-ing,
we reach the place they call it Floating Market.
The price of tuk-tuk bit expensive for me, but it's worth.
The floating market is bit far from the city, where you can see how actually the local live.

Not just bukit-bintang-jalan-alor-alike city.

the first stuff catch my eyes,
the insects..

remind me with me under-grad, we used to rear zillion cockroach and worm for pesticide tester. And they rear it for food.

you may choose what you want,
cheese flavour, BBQ, satay, hawaiian, teriyaki sauce..

finger lickin' good..  :-)

Somethign that out of the topic. The local try to sell fresh fish on the floating market (most of the bazaar sell food, drink, and cute stuff. And she selling tiny fresh fish..!!!)

I believe they catch the fish from those green lake..
(well, green is better than brown lake like in Jakarta)

in front of the floating market

that is the famous floating market people always talk about in Hat Yai

Wish Malaysia Govt as creative as this, so many lake here..
Might we can have even more fun pasar malam (night market)

Maybe they can sell something in Tasik Titiwangsa,
instead of those boring wheel.

colourful umbrella

catchy drink seller,
with their fancy glasses.

you can choose the container you want.
Bamboo (THB 20) or Teracota (THB 25)


everywhere I travel,
always found people try to take picture with their iPad

come on..!

crispy fried chicken to die for..
(but I can't even eat, I was way too full)

yum.. yum...

colourful sushi for RM 0.50 each (5 Thb)

Steamed Pau

Orchid on my drink ^_^

my Hello Kitty Glass


salt, sweet sour sauce, chili sauce,
fish sauce found everywhere.

almost in each corner of the table.

are provided by the King seller or maybe their management,
for the customer.

free refill...!

her es cendol..

watch the kids and family enjoy their picnic by the green lake

deep fried seafood to die for...

slurpy fresh pineapple...

this stuff makes me think about something else :D

all so colourfull

and look yummy...

one of my fave, but I can't even eat it..
cos I was too full... **sigh..!!!

next time, won't eat in hotel..

we will just roam around hungry and try all the street food..


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Klita said...

wowwww keren....kayak pasar terapung di kalimantan ya...suka foto pas kalian berdua..cantik2, harusnya plus aq hahha