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Monday, 13 February 2012

Everyday is a celebration (New Medicine Invented)

There is a name during Vietnam trip need to be blame for introduce me to this good drink..

and makes me want it again.. and again.. and again..

this drink is very good for :

~extra prosperity (no need go to temple and burn jolok)~

*should take the price tag off before snap a pict 

Cheer me up,

boost up my mood,

ease menstrual period too..

help me ease my day, to get over from all the life shit too....
(shit happen, but it's not an excuse for me to ruin my own life)

better drink champagne, keep myself busy, and be happy
 rather than drown on cry, sad, and mourn (those three activity doesn't give me anything though)

should add it in a monthly grocery list


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