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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Kuantan Trip 3 : Breakfast in Kampong Restaurant


Hyatt Regency Kuantan,
Telok Cempedak
Kuantan Malaysia


Watch at my pocket,
the balance of birthday money are still there. And I want to eat in a less crowded place..

I've been watching this restaurant since the first time I arrived in Kuantan,
but I keep wonder how much the price is.
(If RM 90++ like most of hotel in Malaysia, then better kill me)

Check the price with my samsung (see.. I love this phone, very smart)
It cost me RM 36++
yaiy... affordable..!!!

look for a quiet place to sit

still crowded too :'(

I have to wait about 30 minutes, to get the table I want.
Right in the corner and facing beaches.

Enjoy the beach view while I slurrping my rice porridge..

I don't mind waiting, rather than eat in a noisy place. 
Where I can here plate and cup flying here and there,
or hit someone's head (or my head)

non-stop cooking Chef

Lot of choices here,
widespread of dim sum, laksa, noddle, Indian food, bread and their friends, 
meat and their friends,
fruits and the families,
all the juices,
and Malay's breakfast (this nasi and that nasi, this noddle and that noddle..)

But my eyes, stuck into two places only :

Porridge corner is my fave...!!!

plain rice porridge with lot of choice of condiments.

my creation..
I repeat this about 2-3 times with different condiment (burp..)

the 4th round, 
the meaty stuff I could get :)

no steak served for this price of breakfast
I could understand..

Food : Good, for Rm 36++
I saw widespread of breakfast in a good quality
Services : Not Good..
The waitress were too busy with themselves.

I ordered coffee for almost 40 minutes, and still not arrive.
In another corner, some of the waitress were too busy chit-chat talk about (I don't even want to know what they talk about)


Nasi Kerabu in the stall served me better... :'(

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