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Friday, 3 February 2012

Kuantan Trip 2 : Around Telok Cempedak

When we talk about resort by the beach, we usually concern about how expensive the food going to be..
How we going to feed ourselves if we can't afford to buy dinner or lunch in Hotel.

But not in Telok Cempedak

Look at this..!

The main road connected Telok Cempedak beach and the city centre.

Looks like far, but it less than 10 minutes to the city road (I guess).
Very quiet this morning, not many people awake yet. And I just walk around try to find something to eat.
I saw some people run for jogging, and good idea.
Next time I will bring my filthy running shoes and explore more.
My slipper hurts me :'(

Burger King, KFC, Mc Donald and Restaurant sell local delicacy..

Isn't it cool..

some tent,
I think at night they will turn into pasar malam.

when I check it was empty
I believe at night they sell lot of clothing, food, drinks and many others

Nasi Kerabu, yeah...!!!

Good Guest House

Park around the beach,

you notice the table still closed. In the afternoon the start sell souvenirs

Another food corner

un-done jungle trek

The govt here rebuild all the jungle trek to make it "alive" again

must be fun..

like this bridge connecting from beach to beach

this is the jungle trek I was talk about

I went here, but only half way and decided to went back to the beach.
I got bitten by too many Godzilla, Orang Utan, and Dinosaurs mosquitoes

souvenir for me and friends

great souvenir for mom

and kitchen

and friend's mom

First I was complaint too much with Telok Cempedak,
nothing happening..
don't have this, don't have that,
no bikini girl swim around and make me have to wear all my clothes when I walk around
(well, I should look for different spot to get myself wear those open bikini)
Stupid me, I was roam around in the place where all the polite muslim family have picnic and expected they bikini-beach view will spread around
('.'!)  *ding...!!!

But then I found the place I look for.. :D
I heart this place after 2 night stay here.
Very convenient, and no ferry-no flight needed to get around :)

one tick off from my check list

Will go here again..!!!

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