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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Easy Potato Cabbage Soup

Sup Kentang dan Sayuran

Basically I've been the one who take over the home kitchen. Leave Mr no choice but eat
on whatever I desired to cook. Luckily he is not a fussy eater.For him, as long is the food is not too weird, It should be fine.

Usually the conversation about dinner will start at 4:00pm, where I got myself kinda weird food menu I found on internet. Like usual he just YES-ing on whatever i type on whatsaapp.

This soup is kind of effortless cooking yet giving enough nutrition to keep us alive without any excess fat or oil. Chinese and Indonesian love this soup so much for their lunch, dinner and midnight snacks.

1 Cup Napa Cabbage (cabbage to make kimchi) cut
1 Young carrot, peel and slice diagonal
1 Potato, peel, cut cube
1 spring onion

2 tbs minced chicken (to replace MSG)
2 cloves garlic
Salt + white pepper
1 tbs cooking oil

2 cup water

How to:
Heat up 1 tbs cooking oil, fried minced chicken.
Add in water and  potato,  boil till the potato soft.
Add in carrot, leave for 3 minutes till carrot half cook.
Add in garlic, cabbage, salt and pepper.

Taste to your likeness.
Sprinkle with spring onion and served with chili-soy sauce.

Since potato already full of carb.
We don't cook rice tonight.

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