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Monday, 15 September 2014

Mee Siput dan Sambal Goreng Jawa Khas Johor

Yang pernah duduk Johor esp Muar, pasti tahu this food.
Makanan yang di jual di kedai-kedai kat Sekolah, di letak kat atas news paper lama.
Then top up dengan satu sudu sambal kicap or sambal tumis...

Apa cube......

This is Mee Siput special noodle made in Muar, Johor. I used to call it Mee Gelung. Made from special noodle (I don't know) but only people from Johor who made it. None other region ever produce or have Mee Siput factory.

the original look of mee siput, with newspaper as the wrapper

I had this the first time in 2007 when my best college mate brought them in our study group, since then I am so addicted and everyone I knew back to Johor I will ask them to brought me some.

This is how the before fried mee siput looks like. And actually we can use it like other noodle such as Fried Noodle, Sizzling hot plate, or Noodle Soup.

But of course I like it crispy deep fried with sambal tumis as "pencicah"

Enjoy my mee siput at the office.
I bought them already goreng with sambal tumis extra pedas RM 1.50 each

Too lazy to mess around, I smash and mix with the sambal in the plastic

Now, nak tahu where I can get it in Kuala Lumpur?
I bought it online... hehe...
See.. how convenient the technology pamper us we can buy anything we like online.
Include Mee Siput siap goreng,.... NOW NO MORE KIRIM - KIRIM...
just order and deliver

P.s : she take order all day, but delivery only on Sunday and Monday 
Just to keep the freshness and Quality

first time makan sambal goreng paru at friend's open house.
Then I start search website who can send me Sambal Goreng paru online

Another food I knew from Javanese-Johorean is sambal goreng paru Jawa, 
to be honest, this kind of sambal goreng is actually not exist in Java Island Indonesia.

We have sambal goreng kentang, and sambal goreng hati. But not sambal goreng paru

Here is sambal goreng Jawa looks like, 
made from Thread Noodle (Sohun), tempeparu (beef lung), cabbage, long bean, and crispy tofu.
All fried separately, then cook again together with the seasoning.

Don't asked me how... in the cooking that need more than 3 steps, I am fail.

So yes, I ORDER ONLINE... again..!!!

Here is the sambal goreng Jawa looks like

RM 10 / 300 gram.
Boleh makan 3 kali untuk lauk nasi.
I bought 5 package, freeze them.
Each time I want to eat, I just defrost them,


Just order by call / whatssapp the number in the sticker.
And you can enjoy your old memory Johorean Food on your table.

(If you nice enough to her, she will make the best ayam ungkep I ever taste too)

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