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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Mongolian Beef

Another made up menu I found in internet :P

Mongolian beef or chicken is quite common food in Chinese take-away menu.
The recipe quite easy, not so many ingredient and fast cooking.

We tried to copy the recipe for our weeknight dinner.
Well.... since we don't have enough meet in the fridge, I throw in blanched cauliflower, carrot and yellow onion to make it look more on the plate. 

200 gram beef, slices nicely. Dust with corn flour, set aside.
1 cup cauliflower cut and blanched for 30 second
1 carrot, peel and sliced
1/2 yellow, cut in big slices

2 cloves garlic, 1 cm ginger => slices all
3 dried chili
1 tbs cooking oil

1 tbs oyster sauces
1 tbs dark soy sauces
1 tbs light soy sauces
1 tsp sugar
*mix all with 1/2 cup water
*If you are indonesian, you can change the dark-light soy sauce with just kecap manis. And remove sugar from the recipe.

1 tsp corn flour, mix with bit of water (I use about 1/4 cup)

Heat up wok, add in cooking oil. 
Stir in garlic,ginger and dried chili, cook for 30 second.
Add in beef. Cook until beef start browning.

Add in the sauce mix, and vegetable. Cook for about 1 minutes until carrot start soft.
Add in corn flour mix and onion, stir until the sauce thicken.
Taste to your preference, Mongolian beef should be a bit sweet, spicy and tasty :)

Served with hot steamed rice.

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