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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Jakarta Trip 3: We off to Bandung

It was 9:30 am when we reach there and the train departed at 10:50.
For Malaysia time it is considered early, but here it is a quite late time.
5:30 am in Jakarta is already bright like 8:00 in Kuala Lumpur.
I must be the most uncivilized people where I keep expecting everything like in KL.
We had some coffee to kill the time and wander a bit around Monas (National Monument).

The business class we took wasn't that bad. Not a super comfortable but it doesn't kill me or makes me feel "eww". The airconditoning work OK, it worth for USD 7 ticket price.

Trip to Jakarta - Bandung took about 3 hours with plenty view of the Jakarta slump area and greenish beautiful village in the West Java. Damn my murky window makes me can't take a good picture.

Along the way the view is quite amusing. It's remind me with my college life with all the green and nature.

Stunning Green View

We arrive in Bandung at around 13:00 hrs and straight attacked by illegal taxi. I call it illegal because they use their family car and offer you a ride with some pay. We got quite a nice driver and send us to the hotel. It was cost us USD 6, for about 1 hr ride to reach Dago area.

When I search in Internet about the cool area to hang around in Bandung, many website talked about Dago. A lot of cafes, pub, and drinking place around. I kept thinking about an area like Kuta or Seminyak area where mini pub and drinking place are spread along the road. But I guess I translate it wrong.

Bandung Railway

I book a hotel in area Dago Atas (upper Dago) which more to traditional village in the highland where I should look for a hotel in Dago Bawah (Dago lower land).

For the beginner who never touch down to Indonesia especially Java island, you need to be understand that nobody control about the level of noise so call it noise-pollution. People can put their music on loudspeaker as loud as they wish at the time God-knows.

The Village view around

In Malaysia the government won't allow people to make a noise at certain level include Asian (prayer call), they still manage it at low-reasonable-volume. In Indonesia you will surprise how loud they are.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter to me since I am half deaf. I still can sleep or do my activity with the noises.

After we check in to the hotel, we look for lunch nearby. Stone cafe was the nearest, and it's selling beer too. With the concept of Sundanese style of Saung, a noise from crazy motorbike, and cold from the rain, we enjoy our lunch here.

Saung at Stone Cafe

On the evening we just hang around the hotel, watch tv and nap. Nothing really in Dago Atas. Such a village with not much thing around but people and their overprice cafe.

In the evening after prayer call we went out to get some dinner. The first place we visit was Laos Cafe. The building look good but not really impressive, so we walk further to go to Congo Cafe. The sign-board said that the cafe only 300 meters from the main road, so we decide to walk.
Actually it much more further than we think. We have to walk round the golf course, about 3KM. At night, quiet, along the jungle and bushes.

super tiring walk to Congo Cafe

Nothing really impressive here, we decide to go back after dinner and watch TV at the hotel. I kept thinking I must be grow too old, I can't take any activity too far from my bed at night. I don't feel safe or something. We slept early cos we need to get up early for city tour tomorrow morning.

TV and Sleep

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