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Friday, 11 October 2013

Detox Water

On my 10th day of no-rice-more-veggie food,
I found an article talking about how to reduce the coffee addiction.

They mentioned that making detox water is not only cleanse the body, but also suppress the crave about something. So I give a try..

My Version

My first detox water made from:
~ Slices of lemon
~ couple stalk mints 
~ 1 pitcher chilled water
Most of the recipes put couple slices of cucumber, and they call it sassy water , and since I am not fan of cucumber so I just remove it.

Chill the pitcher for 1 night in the fridge, and we can enjoy the next morning. I refill the bottle couple time till the lemon taste finish.

Results after drink detox water
1. Reduce my caffeine craves (cos I was too busy to drink this lemon water)
2. Went to toilet too much (maybe with urinated a lot, the body flushed out more toxin no?)
3. My body hydrated better

My 2nd recipe of detox water:
~ Slices of pineapple
~ Stalk of Rosemary
~ A pitcher of chilled water

Where do I get this recipe?
I made up myself  :-)

Mr also join the detox session with his own recipe

His Version

Eating vegetable at home is so depressing and leave me live like a zombie.
I lost all of my life's happiness.
I really miss my beef tacos.
But we didn't go to Chili or Fridays, cos we still want to keep continue the healthy-life-program.

End up with choose random Korean Restaurant in Mont Kiara,
with reason : a lot of healthy stuff there

Korean Dinner  = nobody happy

 It was fine for me, my beef stew is "meaty" enough soaked with plain soy broth.

But overall the food not so impressive,
Just so-so and not worth the money.
We should have gone to Tony Roma's for a better kick.

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