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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Jakarta Trip 2: Jakarta in My Point of View

The last time I landed my feet in Jakarta was in 2006,
Picked by Intan my good old mate to join her work before we went to her house.

How I familiar about Jakarta..? Zero..!!
What is my opinion about Jakarta..??
When you don't have money, its a HARSH PLACE to live.
I just can't stand watching myself drink a cup of coffee where the price is the same amount with someone's whole day wages work in a grocery store or wet market.

Anyway, after 3 hours flight we were landed in Sukarno-Hatta International Airport.
Very big airport (accordig to me).
We are at terminal 3.
With help from some collegue he lend us his driver to pick and send to the hotel.
It was massive traffic jam with crazily thing around.
Where finally we managed to reach the apartment at 5pm.

Along the road's view was quite interesting these periods because we are the Muslim is going to celebrate Hari Raya Kurban (Sacrifice Day),
many goat and cow tight just on random trees or the road divider waiting to slaughter on Hari Raya.

Things I like about Jakarta is the taxi.
They are at least Vios or Honda-city.
Not an old rustic smelly wage which you don't even want to breathe.
The taxi driver also wears a decent shirt, showered and have a pleasant look.
Not half-drunk uncle or some grumpy man whom no bother about everything but money.

Tips: get a bluebird or gamya taxi as they have the most reputation compared to other.

Another view that amuses me is the number of food stalls on the road. 
Different with Malaysian style where road stall more like pick-up van, plastic chair and umbrella, Indonesian style is more like a mini-wooden cart pushed by an old man.
They will either stand somewhere or just move along the road.

These pushed cart have every single food I want to eat: Siomay, bubur ayam, empek-empek, satay, tahu goreng.. Owh My Weight...!!!

We went to plaza Semanggi for dinner. Was meant to have "dining in the sky" but I guess its not a successful version. Most of the restaurant are close. I guess because the price of yhe food is very high for local rate.
Yes, on my opinion food here is  bit expensive (or it is because I am so stingy).
Most of the food sells at minimum RM 15 per portion.

Not allow to order western food tonight :-P

The dinner was good by includes a couple of Indonesian food Mie Ayam, Capcay and some fried rice.
Thinking to go to the pub for a drink but I wasn't really keen.
Jakarta style of drinking place as I know is a noisy club for people to dance and drink.
My old-kampong-soul can't take it.
I would rather sit in an anti-social quiet lounge or pub to chit chat or blogging with my tab.

I know it must be a weird way of travel. Most of the people will roam around to explore the city but I end up with just bought couple can of beer and some lemonade to take to the apartment.
Watch Dr. Pol in the living room and sleep.

Our apartment

In the morning me and my sister went out to look for some street food, While I left papa-san to have his coffee in the lobby.
The food adventure might be interesting, but diarrhea won't be fun.
We bought some bubur ayam and deep fried Tempe.
After one spoonful of the food came to my mouth, I realized how much I miss this kind if life.
Cheap, humble but delicious.

Our humble Bubur Ayam Sukabumi (Sukabumi's Rice Porridge)
Chicken intestine and liver satay



Deep Fried stall in front of the apartment

But I couldn't make it trough I need a cup of coffee to wake me up.
So I am back to the hotel's coffee shop to get one.
Mr was already there and stare at bunch Arabic tourist messing around with the local girl.
Kind of...aaaiyyooooo...what lah you guys doing...

Back to breakfast my sister said that the driver asking a ridiculous amount of money for sending us to Bandung. I said NO.
If I bring a bunch of family Rp. 850,000 for one trip, then the money spent to pay a driver is worth.
But only two of us going yet the car is not even good.
We decide to take a taxi to the Gambir train station and go to Bandung by coach.

Executive ticket was sold out because of public holiday.
We get to business class for 10:50 departure. It was still early when we arrived there decide to get extra coffee to add in body's calories.

Gambir station is the station which departs an executive train from Jakarta to all over part of Java Island. Most of the train is quite acceptable, nothing really exclusive even it said an Executive class.
It's comparable with standard Malaysian KTM commuter from Rawang to Seremban.
We got the business class at price USD 7 per person.

For our 3 hour journey.
Pretty lucky for last minute buying ticket eh.. :-)

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