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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Jakarta Trip 4: Bandung Day Tour

In the morning we woke up around 4:30am,

I felt horrible  coz I don't get enough sleep, decide to just have some coffee from the dining room and do my blogging.

Mr still asleep, I decide to check the breakfast and feed myself such a nice Sundanese food. Heavy but makes me super happy.

At 8:30am, the driver arrived. Forgot to mention that I book the tour from Fres-tour, the operator also helps me to book my return train ticket from Bandung to Jakarta.

The pricing is quite a bargain if we compared with all the itinerary. For USD 37.5 per person for whole day tour include lunch, car, driver and all the parking.

We enter the car and start the journey to Tangkuban Perahu. A crater lake with a famous story among Sundanese in West Java. The journey from hotel to the entrance of Mount Tangkuban Perahu took around 45min with a beautiful village and farmland around. 

Too bad when we reach there the guard mentioned that the Mountain is closed due to erupt. It was very disappointing because the main reason I visit Bandung was to visit the Crater Lake, nothing else.

The guide tried to change the destination to Sari Ater Hot Spring, which for me was I don't even know why we went here.  It was a hot spring pool for people to soak their body and relax around. We just watch and get some horrible coffee with French fries. 

Well the coffee is actually not a horrible,  just a style of Indonesian makes the coffee by mix the coffee ground in the serving glass.

Sari Ater is like a play field for families. Many attractions are offered here such as riding horses, dirty bike, 4WD ride, ATV, flying fox and many more. I just didn't expect to have this kind of attraction, we just walk around and leave the place for the next destination.

The next destination was Lembang Floating Market. It's actually a new family tourist destination to spend their weekend around. Like other floating market, the place sells a lot of food,drink and many more. 

We bought nothing event though my brain keeps telling to buy satayshiu may, batagor and many more. But the place was way too many people scared me out to fight for food.

This Jumbo size lake been change into local attraction which..
well, quite creative

Around the area the management design it as a mini village with all the plants meant to be edible

its kind of cute too

Fresh Water as the main element for Sundanese daily life

Paddy field and mini saung (hut)

Basil leaves and lemony mints

The next to paddy field they create some mini-strawberry farm where the visitor allow to pick their own strawberry to weight and eat.

The Strawberry doesn't look that appetizing,
Too small and not red enough :P

The other corner of Strawberry Park is the big lake with very colorful boat parks along the side.
When we go close enough, those mini boats selling plenty different thing majority edible stuff.

Way too many people
Way too many foods
till I don't know what to buy and eat

We left the place couple hours later to get some lunch. Look for Nasi Padang food is quite hard in Bandung. Most of the restaurants were Sundanese theme. Based on fresh water fish and raw vegetable. I love the food, but I wasn't sure Mr will like it. So I guess Nasi Padang is the best option since the way they cook are almost similar with Malaysian curry and gulai.

Another nice experience having a meal in Nasi Padang is how they serve to the customer. Instead of giving them a menu to choose what they fancy to eat, the waiter will present every single food  they have in  a small plates. One mini plate for one kind of food.

Mr told me to not go crazy over the food which I was starting to. In this kind of Nasi Padang restaurant, we don't have to eat everything they served us. They only calculate the food which touches or contaminated by us. So yes, just touch the plates you are going to eat. The rest they will bring it back to the kitchen to re-heat.

After a very late lunch we head to Train Station. It was a crazy rain where we don't really have time to visit any factory outlet to buy something. I was just too paranoid and stress about the traffic jam and getting late to train station

We arrive bit too early, where we have around 40 minutes to roam around, take some pictures and look for some ice cubes to drink in the train.

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