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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Jakarta trip 1: Flight Delay in LCCT

Its a short notice trip when I just decide to do something during long weekend and found a cheap ticket around Air Asia website.

 A quick purchase process ends up with we have a ticket to go around.
 We left the house at 7:00 am with lot of rush and hurry to catch up flight at 9.
Thanks to my silly tummy makes me have to make stop over a couple times before reaching the airport.

Sorry Papa-san, you have to keep wait and taking care my belonging when I ran around looking for clean

Finally we manage to reach LCCT and check-in without much hassle.
Feeling really hungry, I grab some shitty chicken roll which tastes not good at all. FYI, boarding area sell no decent food at all. Even the look-good espresso cafe selling 3in1 coffee at a very expensive price.

 Then we heard announced that the flight delay till 11:45. Yikes.. 2 hours delay?? Seriously?? Yeah, it is a serious. Our flight delayed for 2 hours, we sit in a sports bar boringly. Drink latte made by a proper coffee machine, watch three broken desktops hanging there, write my post use my phone and hoping that they make the flight bit faster.

Mr Bought some book, I was thinking to buy too... But I guess it's going to be heavy.. Nah, actually I can't read the whole novel anymore like before. My eyes way too sore when I saw a lot of letters printed on paper.

Finally the boarding call coming, the day is already bright and hot.
Everybody tired. Lucky it wasn't a full flight, doesn't take too much time for the aircraft crew to get ready.
They give us Mc. Muffin and mineral water for the compensation, which I don't think it taste good at all.

Finally the flight departed, and I feel relieved.
Can't wait to see my sister...!!

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