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Monday, 26 October 2015

Short Trip to Indonesia

2015 is the most un-careered year for me.

I had to jump from one job to another job,
When I found a perfect office to work, 
I thought I will be stable and will stay to my current place till… FOREVER
But my destiny told me different thing.

After long-bland-boring years,
I have too many color on my 2015
I got pregnant, and this is super new for me (clueless dumb-ass old girl)
And because of this I have to ran around between Jakarta - Solo - Kuala Lumpur non-stop

Aug-Sept- Oct, at least once a month I have to donated my saving to Air Asia
to have a trip to Indonesia.

Beginning of October we have another trip to Indonesia, p 

I think I really have enough of KLIA2 and its food.
Our early lunch was dry curry mee- from Papa Rich which is quite expensive
RM 43++ for 2 dry curry mee and drink.   

We arrive a bit early so I have almost two hours to finish up my assignment I need to submit soon. Working while you travel is not easy at all, you will distracted by many kids ran around and of course keep checking your time every five minutes.

2 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta, 
and another 2 1/2 hours taking Damri Bus from the Airport to Jakarta City.
I was quite happy cos I can fulfill all my food craving, but I can see Mr. is quite stress (LOL)

Jakarta is too crowded for him.

Our taxi from Gambir Train station (where the Airport Bus stop) to our hotel.
Blue Bird Taxi Rate is quite expensive compared to another brand, but the similar experience with Ho Chi Minh City.

I got cheated once by cheap taxi, and never trust them anymore.

Better to take from the brand you know, and minimize the damage.

We stay one night here, before continue to another trip.
Mansion House is quite wise choice for people who go to Jakarta for business.
Its located in Kuningan Area, where all the embassy and offices there.

Fast wifi, and bit quiet (except my room)
which next to surau with super loud prayer call and their activities.

kind of "dry" breakfast for me.
Mr refuse to eat cos Indonesian food doesn't really match his tongue.

 us in our stressful trip 

 Once we finish our business in embassy,
We went to Plaza Indonesia for lunch.

Went run-around-and around, with no idea what to eat for lunch.
But finally he agreed to my Indonesian food desire :P

After Lunch, another taxi trip continue.
We went to train station to go to my hometown.
(No afternoon flight from Jakarta - Solo) we need to sit on couch for 7 hours for train journey.

Not bad, just pain on my back and ass.

 We had to buy this donut to get the air-condition.
Jakarta is super HOT and dusty.

No, not a good donut.
J-Co taste better.

 Our train arrived on-time,
and we continue our journey.

 BYE Jakarta… I love you but I hate you :-*

We arrived home at 12 midnight, and Mr. have to catch his early flight again within couple hours cos he need to go back to the office.

(no day off for him)

While I spend my last 10 hours sleeping

meet my niece and nephew
House with too many kiddos
OMG stress me out.

They live nearby,
so whenever they free they spend their day at my parent's house.

While the sun not so biting, we start look for some local food.

lapis legit = layer cake
rissoles (kind of spring roll, but the filing is chicken in white sauce)

 soto ayam 

bubur candil / jenang grundul
a sweet food made from rice flour cook in coconut milk and palm sugar.
served with another coconut milk

This is most of our daily lunch.
Bit of rice, green clear soup, something fried (fish, tempeh, tofu, etc)
I count i might 200-300 Kcal/meal,
which you could never get fat by having this.

On Sunday we have some event,
My 2nd brother engagement party,

long journey in a super hot and dry city,
The only way to reduce the heat is by stop talk about it and try to ignore.
So, we seldom to whine about the heat and it actually work.

The more you whine, the more you suffer

My niece growing into pretty girl :)

couple snap of family picture 

The engagement picture with some of the family member

I stayed another night in My hometown before back to Malaysia,
this time I join my sister and her son to visit doctor

if you can see his face is always serious and stress out.
My nephew quite scared with me cos we seldom meet.
He doest like to mix around with stranger 

we bought bakso (meat ball-noodle soup) 
just because I feel like to eat it

mee ayam (chicken noodle)

We adopt one kitten a while a go and one my nephew love it so much

With super sucks weather, I am so exhausted and can't do anything in my hometown.
My most day was hiding in the house and tried to cool my ass off.

I can't even meet my old friend, or shopping somewhere just because of one reason: 

Leaving Solo to go back to Kuala Lumpur.
To send my resignation letter so I can have proper rest at home.

I Gonna have another trip on November with my stuffy belly

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