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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Fusili Bolognese and Lazy Weekend

It's been a very hectic week for both my day job, my night job, and many else.
Yes, business was so good I reward myself a scooter

A scooter......!!!!

Hows that feel of having scooter?
Lol.... dunno, I can't ride it on the big road since I don't have license. But nice though..
Everything become so convenient with it.
I can go to Publika to buy some veggie myself....
I can go to Hartamas pick up some pizza...
We can go to mamak, 
I can go to my yoga class...
run around kampung segambut dalam with scooter,,,
Maybe soon I do part time joob in  LOL

So yes, last weekend again we didn't go anywhere... (just like usual)
take everything easy and lazy..

Clean up the house is one of the routine.
Spring cleaning, moping, tidying, throw all week newspaper collection, washing, laundy... on and on... and on.....

No choice la... we were too stingy to share the money with maid

After all the spring cleaning, I reward myself with some personal care

the package is hardly open...

my fave foot soak

check the content,
you can see the lavender buds, epsom salt, and plenty good ingredient on it
Just mix 1 tablespoon with warm water

you are in the pamper zone :))))))

soak for at least 5 minutes, and scrub slowly to remove all the dead skin

you gonna have a super smooth skin.. awwwhhh

don't forget to prepare lot of munchies while you wait...

and a good TV channel of your fave

I Love watch F-1 on the weekend
*Niko Rosberg the good looking one Ssssmmuaaachh

Niko Rosberg at Japan Grandprix, Suzuka

Russian Grandprix

Watch my Mr. make bolognese sauce right from the scratch...


with nice spiral pasta and lot lot lot of cheese

Comfort food, make me even lazier
just snuggle on couch,
sleep early
and ready for Monday


Syazu Em said...

ohhh...inilah the new scooter. pandu cermat!

Syazu Em said...

ahah, this is the new scooter. nice. have a safe ride!

Mrs said...

hahah, thank you dear.... tak berani lagi... hahaha