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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Effortless in Washing you dirty dishes

Is this your daily pantry's view ...?

It's my daily kitchen's view yes, bersemak samun menjolok mata. 
In the scenario you are just back from work every evening, and you have to deal with them. 
Kids and everyone fishy lunch, stained coffee cup, burnt pot and wok,
greasy plates and too many things you can't even bear look at them.


Ibu rasa nak pengsan....

Rasa nak pengsan, yes...
Especially when we don't have maid.
We have to do all ourselves start from grocery, cooking, serving, and washing..
Habis kemas je pengsan, and nothing left for quality time with the family

Ibu sibuk gosok buntut kuali, tak ada masa nak tolong abang buat homework....

ada macam tu..??

This expensive dishwasher liquid is my new best friend now...
RM 16 / 250ml
get my pocket empty easily...

hang on...

here I teach you how to wash dishes effortlessly with just a little drop of dishwasher

1. Fill 1/3 bucket with tap water and couple drop of dishwasher liquid of your fave

2. Add in boiling water, you can add as much as your hand can bear
 (I use rubber glove to protect my hand)


3. Soak your dirty dishes for about 10 min (Go Shower, pray or play with your kid)
Then wash the dish load by load
- First load is glass and cup, the less dirty one
- Cutlery
- plates
- Wok and pot

the reason of washing load by load is to avoid the grease and fishy smells from the plates/wok/pot contaminated the coffee cup.

soak my glasses and clean bowl.

I finish up my washing in just couple minutes

Clean kitchen without effort...

Plenty quality time to spend with the love one, instead of busy menggosok kuali...
Kan... :)

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