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Friday, 10 October 2014

Bangi Kopitiam

Seksyen I don't know...
Bangi, Selangor

It located near SBU Boutique in Bangi

We went there a while ago when the SBU got flat shoes sales.
But yeah.... we went late, all the cute models has gone

We drove so far to Bangi, and we were hungry...
One kopitiam is waving its hand to us to try their food.

Here is the website...

small eating area, with most of the employee are Indonesian 
(probably students, they speak English well with a thick Indonesian accent)

We ordered two different food, but I guess all came at the same form and taste

Ayam goreng rempah
(herbed fried chicken)

Ayam penyet set
(smashed fried chicken)

Love the sambal

still hungry

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