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Monday, 7 November 2011


2011 almost gone,
very soon..

less than 60 days.

I still remember how this year begin. Start from the bottom of the crap turn into full of miracle

I have my awesome 28th Birthday

I have the most exciting trip during Chinese New Year holiday,
Langkawi - Satun - Hatyai - Krabi - Phuket,
back and forth by land.

I went back to Indonesia, meet my family (again)
Visiting Simon in Pekanbaru, Indonesia
Catch up with my college friends. Talk about many things in the past.

Intan visit me in KL,
we hang around and have wonderful time making great photoshoot in deer park and bird park
Formula 1 in Kuala Lumpur

I have mom and 'lil sister visit me in Kuala Lumpur
I back to Indonesia for party,
I met the most amazing person in my life..

I move to a new condo,
more civilized people. No foreign worker roaming for free,
and no more washing-machine size of swimming pool
I have Langkawi weekend trip (awesome)

I joined IELTS school in ELS (make me bankrupt all of the sudden)
Attend Ibra's farewell before he back to his country.

I have my IELTS test
I got my IELTS result in awesome score
I went to Singapore to catch up with Lynn
I got most  of my schoolbooks back to my hand AWESOME


School registration,
I Have Penang weekend trip
My first day at school...
I join back to my MBA

Awesome trip to Vung Tau, Vietnam
Sad moto-GP crashed in Sepang Circuit
and I have every single day thankful to God and everybody behind the scene to
keep my life full of meaning

Hari Raya Kurban, I got plenty off day in Malaysia.
I stay at home, do my school work and will catch up with Marissa for movie this afternoon

and lot lot lot lot of wonderful time will recorded...

of course, there are plenty Airasia ticket which is unutilized, and just burn like that...
Myanmar trip, Aceh trip, Brunei trip, Pekanbaru 2nd batch, and trip to balik kampong..... GONE

and of course for the whole year, not 365 days full of happiness, some are sad, bitchy, jealous, angry and upset...

but it's ok,
I thankful for every little sweet bits I gather back in my life

what an awesome year.. :)

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Klita said...

no me inside this list ouw...wallaa :(