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Friday, 11 November 2011


11 NOVEMBER 2011

a good date to remember,

many people said negatively "Just like another day, and nothing different happen.."

for me,
everyday is a special day..
everyday there is something little happiness to celebrate for

Morning :
awake naked under too cold air-conditioning after laugh..laugh..and laugh... drink.. drink.. and drink...
sing.. and sing.. and sing...

I feel my body full of pain + I lost my voice..!!
AHA..!! another excuse to not going to work ontime..!!!!

noon :
yes, I came to work with jeans
and I am sick
I lost my voice
went to clinic, and I got a pile of funny medicine makes me high, half drunk and deaf..

my boss get sick with me,
and asked my to go home

YAIY... I went home....!!!

afternoon :
went home, and slept till the next day..

I celebrate my 11.11.11 with my cold and flu pills,
at home..
in my bed with my laptop.
Not even with Mr Chewbacca

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