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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Signature Dishes : Tempe Goreng

food for the homesick..

one of the thousand childhood lunch menu my mom feed me.
nothing special, but it is very special..

chicken soup with plenty vegetable inside

love the light broth, totally not greasy.
we use only chicken meat, no skin-no fat-no any funny part,
water, garlic, salt, pepper and a lot lot lot of celery stalks.

very light broth.
no bloated or greasy feeling after eat (different with sup tulang, we had in restaurant)

and fried tempe.. 
a cheap protein resources for us who can't afford to buy red meat everyday (sadly, tempe is very expensive in Malaysia, sigh.....!!!!)
My mom always said, if you eat tempe a lot on your life time you need no Botox Injection,
what inside of tempe are same chemical we found in botox.

keep us young..

well, I don't really believe with what my mom keep promote to us, but still I eat tempe a lot,
because it taste great, filling up, and remind me with my family in Indonesia.

#check google if you really want to know :-)

serve with sweet soy sauce.. 

happiness doesn't have to be expensive...!!

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