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Friday, 18 November 2011


being grateful is important...

I made this thankful tree to make me remember what a good things been happen in 2011.
Big or small, nice moment is always worth to memorize. To make us keep remember that after everything happen, after everything we gone trough,we can say...

"Wasn't that bad....."

Mickey cup and spaghetti jar for hold the twig :)

My awesome parent
thanks for give me a chance to see this world :)

My awesome travel for the whole year

2nd chance God gave me to back on the track

thankful for born as I am, 
with all I have and what i don't have

The most important checklist that I should done before 30..

for support my morning, my midnight deadline report and my sanity..

that make me understand the importance of someone who always have willing to stay next to you..

being me, 
as a person who always make zillion mistakes..

always there to share gossip,
 to listen, to comfort, to advise, to be crazy with,
to sing with,
to give opinion in a very honest way..

and many-many more,
If I wrote all I need a big Beringin tree to stick my thankful list.

with lot of hope and wish that next year would be even cooler and awesome-"er" than this year..

Happy Counting The End of 2011 :)


Klita said...

kereeenn dah jadi juga pohonnya..hehhe lucu lucu

Kelley said...