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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mini ELT Sandwich on crispy Baguette

ELT stand for : 
Egg Lettuce Tomato

Emma was the first person introduce me with this name. She used to make BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomaotes) for jungle trip lunch. Since i do not eat bacon (real bacon) i change with anything matched with my tongue.

Both of us love the mini version where we change the toast with baguette.
we love the crisp of the skin against the inner soft. 

cutting baguette is not as easy as cutting potatoes. We need to have proper break knife to create a perfect shape without squeeze the bread. (oh, well... who can be bother to create a perfect shape while we plan to go to jungle, sweating and bitten by mosquito)
we use scissors to cut and you may imagine yourself the shape of -scissors-cut-bread

..... Extra elegant for sure :)

to create a fluffy, soft, wet but not watery scramble egg mix 5 spoon fresh milk or water into beaten eggs and splash pinch of salt.

pour beaten eggs into heated non-stick pan with 1/2 spoon butter, leave for 30 second and start mix very gentle. Don't over mix otherwise you will break the scramble created a "separate" scramble.

leave from the heat, once the eggs hard and still wet. My scramble was bit late, it stay too long on top  of fire and created a brownish part on the bottom.

let the egg cool down before we start assembly the sandwich.

the heat from the eggs will spoil tomatoes and other greenery.

I love to eat them plain,
feel free to add chili sauce, ketchup, cheese, pepper
and any other sandwich condiment you love.

cooking is easy :)

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