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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Begedil Kentang (Indonesian Potatoes Patties)

Heavy and filling up patties are good to served with spicy soup (Soto, etc)
 as sancks or as side dish

Begedil kentang, perkedel, begedel... whatever the local name is a famous side dishes in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Usually this food served with Soto (Indonesian spicy chicken/meat soup) and rice, or just as snacks.

I call it Potatoes patties,

I never been their big fan of making this patties,
the long process from peeling-boiling-mashing-rounding-dipping into eggs-frying-resting in paper towel..

i think it will takes half day, just to cook it.
And need five minutes to munch and swallow..


But Tonight i made myself this patties, because i have one big tupperware of  grilled potatoes leftover from yesterday BBQ in Carol's house.

Think to make Frittata, but then again LAZY bugs biting me..

The normal procedure of making this patties, after rounding into ball shape, press gently, dip into beaten eggs and fried with a loaded hot oil.

But my version is, 
haha... I never really follow the rule in any kind of life. I always adjust with everything i like.

I didn't shape with my hand, but i use two spoon due to (too lazy dirtying my hand)
i didn't dip the patties into beaten eggs due to ( i forgot)
i didn't use a lot of cooking oil due to ( i don't really a fan of deep fried food ),  so what i did was treat them like burger patties... :P

here is the way i made my patties...
very easy isn't it... :)

still taste good and suit with my tongue..

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