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Friday, 27 May 2011

Stir Fried Snap Peas and Sausages

The crispiness of sugar snap peas mix well with sausages..
a very easy food for dinner or lunch.
well matched with steam rice and any other side dish.

Peas never been my favourite vegetable since i was kid.
But snap peas give a different sense, the crunchyness and the fress feeling when we eat totally different with muching a little tiny green balls.

Still try to lower down my calorie intakes for sexy belly *winks  (oh well, at least i tried :)
and slashing my eating out budget for school fee preparation..
this dishes give me a special satisfaction,
full of fiber, little protein, and plenty vitamin.

I went to grocery store with my officemate yesterday, and was surprise that snap peas everywhere for now.
Is it peas season in Malaysia?

Bought couple packet of snap peas, and think about cook them in different way (which is not clear coup again)
Yeah, I love clear soup too much.
But tonight, i want to post something bit different home cooking.

Stir Fried has a very standard way of cooking and ingredient.
sauted all the onions, add in vegetable and other ingredient, splash a bit water-salt-pepper


If you need the proper recipe,
google  yourself :)

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