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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Brunch in Dome (And New Handbag)

Another weekend in Kuala Lumpur,
Gosh... I should get award.

I am not travelling for almost 2 months :O

yes, from now onwards i will very very very seldom travel.
I need to slash my travel budget for school which is will start this coming September.
I need to be extra wise with every single Ringgit i spend on.

but not today...
we need to do lot of things. Brunch, Movie and buy handbag. I need handbag due to i start sick bringing my old converse bag everywhere.
I used to feel like army ready to war rather than office girl, ha ha

another brunch in Dome Pavilion, not sure why i love to hang around in Pavilion area.
Great big cup of cappuccino warmth my stomach. 

Beef bacon for appetizer

Egg I don't know...
nice :)

no more toast and sausages, 


water for Elephant.

very drama, and nice...

I got new handbag, ta daa... happy :)
No.. not gucci, not LV... But it is nice,
i've been tired using backpack and my converse canvas bag.

need to be look girl now..
and now i can go to office with a "girl look"

Happy weekend everyone...

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