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Friday, 21 April 2017

Short Trip To Lombok Indonesia Part 2: Kuta Lombok Beach

Travel to Lombok and Bali, many of them offer car with driver for both one way trip or hourly rent. However I found that having driver to send me around make me feel bit uncomfortable (probably because in all my life I never have any driver except.. ahem, Marcella's Dad haha...
The rest I travel with taxi and buses.

So yeah, having driver who send and wait kinda awkward to me.

Looking at Lombok's road which tend to be quiet, we decide to rent scooter to move around.
It cost us USD 6/day.

It was feel weird having two giant and one giant baby on a tiny bike, but we get used to it. Not bad, in fact it was very fun...

We ride around South Lombok, toward Mawun Beach.
A very wavy and sunny beach, clean and stunning water.

Lombok Island has its bugging seller which is super annoying.
Leave me no privacy and it makes me constantly worry to my belonging.

Kuta Lombok Beach

Marcella enjoyed her expensive fried tempeh after swim.

one landmark with so many people queue for selfie

2nd landmark

Bye Lombok,
See You again next time...

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Jueliza Jamani said...

teringinnya nak pergi lombok..