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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Today's Lunch Box: Fried Spaghetti with sausages

Today we plan to play and lunch in the playground.

I made a very simple lunch for both myself and my 15 Months Baby. Basically she ate whatever we eat, except her portion usually less salt, no sugar, and no spicy.


Spaghetti Goreng is today option,
We were plan to make fried noodle, but we don't have any. We use pasta instead :P

Dry spaghetti, boil as per direction (7-8 min)
Frozen peas, blanched couple second in boiling water.
1 egg

Olive oil
Salt, pepper (bisa dihilangkan)

=> Heat up cooking oil / olive oil, sauteed garlic until almost crispy.
=> Add in noodle, salt, pepper, Quickly mix and stir.
=> Add in beaten egg and peas.
=> Ready to serve :)

untuk cemilan, saya tambahkan brokoli kukus, kacang panjang kukus dan apel.

Hidangan murah untuk ibu dan anak :)

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