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Monday, 17 April 2017

Short Trip To Lombok Indonesia Part 1: Villa Bau Nyale, Kuta

We found cheap ticket in Air Asia Free Seat sale.
We are immediately choose Lombok for our destination, just because we never been there.
And we never seen any cheap ticket to Lombok or Bali before.

So yeah, we count it as very lucky deal.

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok is about 3.5 hours,
and Lombok have similar time zone with Malaysia. 

We stayed at Villa Bau Nyale, in Kuta area. Its about 30 min drive from the Airport.
 Hotel is picking us up for IDR 150,000/way.
Our hotel cost us IDR 500,000/Night not include breakfast.

At the first time when we arrived, we are bit sad and disappointed because the hotel located deep inside of the kampung lot, far away behind and hidden between local houses instead of on the main road. 

However after one day of observe we are actually lucky. The Villa is not far behind, just 2 minutes walk to the main road. And it has very quiet and peaceful.

Marcella love the path, she like to walk up and down like catwalk :P
Our porch having fish pond which giving me too much trouble try to keep my kid away from the fish.
She will jump and dip herself, and play with the fish whenever she got chance.

in 5 second of blink, I found Marcella in the pond giggling.

The room is nice, just (for me) still not enough natural light.
There is a big glass door and private garden too, however the vegetation cover up almost all the natural light. So it still dark (next time I will ask them to chop everything off and replace it with just nice grass and small Frangipani :P heheh...

We love to spent our hot afternoon around swimming pool. 

I love the idea of outdoor toilet and shower. I give a very fresh air all the time.
There is no soggy, humid feeling in the bed room because someone have steaming hot shower.

However these extra experience of outdoor shower and toilet become more incredible when the rain comes. You feel like you are in different world.

Food in the Hotel is not bad at all, somehow I found that the food in Villa Bau Nyale taste and have better price compared to other eating place on Kuta Area.

However the chef/waitress always get my order wrong.
When I order noodle soup without spicy. no chili at all => they still put chili slices, so that Marcella can't have any of my food.

Fish Finger and Crispy Popiah was good RM 10/portion

Fried Rice was good, Fried Noodle was good, Soto Ayam was great,
I am more than happy had my breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel rather than messing around in Lombok area and get myself bad tummy :)

Will I stay here again: Yes, if they provide minibar and kettle, coffee/tea set.
Price: Very good value.

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