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Friday, 7 April 2017

Another Stationary Arrived

I have some weird addiction to collect all of those cute stationary, especially related to paper.

Start from sticky note, journal, diary, planner. Its always give me some different happiness feeling. Looking at the new pages for me ready to write on, piles of colourful pen, highlighter, cute sticky note I can put on my fridge for reminder.

Ahhh.... I can stand for hours in MPH, Border or Popular in stationary area just to touch, feel, choose, smell the paper and finally bought couple pieces journal.

But I dont have to do it anymore, 
Cos I found online shop which sell all the product with similar offline price (other shop sells in triple times of price).

Ha ha..!
I don't have to make journey, taxiing, carry baby, choosing, and tidying (cos Marcella really like to make a mess in a book shop too) >.<


Total damage in my (husband) wallet: RM26.20 free delivery to my doorstep.

If you ADHD (which I will write more in other time), Have messy brain, disorganized or just simply stationary addict like me.. go visit shoppee apps and check eshopspree 

Unlike another shop which deliver the item from overseas (take about 30 days or more), this shop based in Malaysia. Delivery time is shorten to 1-2 days.. yaiy..!!! 

When other suggest buy incense, aroma oil, and meditation.  To start have and write journal is my better therapy ^_^.

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