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Tuesday, 27 October 2015


2nd Trimester, Alhamdulillah.
Thank You God for your trust to us to be a parent :)

Everything seems getting easier right now.
I can start enjoy my life back like normal. 
I can eat lasagna, bolognese and all of those Italian food with sharp seasoning.
I can mop the floor (before, I can't even pull or push anything too hard. I will end up with having bad stomach cramp)

1. I will start joining run again.
RUN…? yes, slow run or brisk walk is allowable by doctor as long as the mother know how to keep the body heat stable (not too hot). I will run and carry a bottle of iced water to splash on my back whenever I feel it was too hot.

2. I can start shopping for maternity clothes, pants and its equipment :P
(Preggy fashionista…?) LOL
Yeah, I bought couple pieces maternity top, but according to my mom they were ugly.
Too lazy to hear long complaint, I just leave some money so she can dress me as she wish

3. Back to swimming activities
I need swim to relax my muscles. Swimming (Gaya Katak) good to give my hip a chance to expand.

4. I actually Need to Start Diet
I need to watch the food I eat to avoid being giant mama with giant baby. I just can't imagine to have my tummy slashed cos the baby can't deliver normal. Or having "already fat-me" getting even fatter after having kid.

I also need to choose the right food to make sure both of us life healthy without any malnutrition.

Nothing really change but I feel my nose swollen

Getting pregnant far away from my mom is quite difficult for me. 

After several visit to different clinic, I didn't feel satisfy at all.
My first visit was no proper equipment and they charged me MYR 50.
my 2nd clinic had proper equipment, but the doctor was having no interest to take care of me.
The total visit was less than 10 min : sit - ultrasound- pay.

The only thing came out from his mouth was: yes you are pregnant, you want to keep it or cancel it.
Me: Of course I want to keep it
He: Fine, OK.. Done. Comeback here next two months for ultrasound.

He wasn't answer my question about what should I do on my early pregnancy, can I still joining my running event, can I still hiking, what should I do if I can't bear my back pain, will my baby going to have malnutrition caused I can't swallow any food. 
I paid MYR 80 for nothing.

I was clueless and frustrated, til one of my good friend Marina suggest me to go to KKIA (klinik kesihatan ibu anak) , a government clinic specialized to taking care women, infant and kids.

Buku Pink / Pink Book
mom's long life record during pregnancy and delivery

Many people think that Govt-KKIA is only for poor citizen while the middle and upper class would prefer private clinic. Well, its about preference. For me, anywhere I don't mind as long as I got my questions answered clearly and I get a good advise from the expert.

While it free for citizen, it is quite costly for me.
My first screening was RM 250++ and took me half day to finish all the screening test include dental, urine, blood, ultrasound, and long advise.

The price is worth because they give complete screening to me 
(In Taman Desa Medical Centre, I can easily charged RM 450++)
Global Doctor Hospital was RM 230++ just for scan, not include doctor consultancy and other test.

Yes, I can afford. But daripada meng-kayakan orang yang dah kaya (hospital owner) lagi baik spend that money to charity. They will appreciate more… :)

Inside of my pink book there are plenty pages need to fill by the nurse and doctor to record my health history during pregnancy and labour.

KKIA convinced me that I will still be fine to fast during Ramadhan, and the nice nurse wrote down tips and trick to fast during pregnancy such:
- Food I need to eat to prevent me from starving
- Amount of liquid, and what kind of liquid
- When I should ignore the hunger, and when I should stop fast while I feel I want to eat something.

Basically I am quite happy to stop visiting those private clinic and switch to KKIA Segambut.
Many people said Govt hospital and clinic quite rude and careless, I guess not all true.
Everything seems depend on how we present and brought ourselves to the place.

I can understand when they start yelling to people who laugh or talk loud on the phone in waiting area, fighting with their babies, some of them arrived without bath still wear last night pajamas, and the babies clearly having super dirty diapers.

On my 2nd trimester I can start smiling and having less grumpy face HO HO HO


baby :)

Semoga baby dan mama sehat selalu sampan hari lahir, Amin :)

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Unie Vo said...

Wah dee soon will become a mommy ... Congrat ya :)