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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sunday Jungle Trek in Bukit Kiara

Sunday Morning,
we wake up too early and couldn't get back to sleep.
Mr asked me if I want to join him explore the jungle near our housing complex.

There are small jungle near our place called Bukit Kiara,
every weekend lot of people ride dirty bike round across the village and rubber plantation.

Some of them cycling, or just simply jog around.

cross the village 
We have to walk in a small, slippery path.
Sometimes a tiny river with super tiny wooden bridge.

I was worried if they can't handle my weight.

the road is very small, and made of dirt.
But I like the clean air.

small and stiff dirt road

tiny bridge made from tiny iron.
probably an old rail road.

Well, that is from metal..
I am not worry so much

He scared lol

It took us about an hour to make 5km jungle trekking and back to the mainroad.
We went home super hungry, and papa-san is making a nice brunch.

I had a very nice and simple weekend.
Tell hows your weekend :-)

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