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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Jamu Kunyit Asam

an old Javanese herbal drink to ease your period pain

As Indonesian especially Javanese you will very familiar with word JAMU. 
It's a local version of medicinal herbs concoction with variety taste from "OK to drink" up to bitter like sh*t

Kunyit Asam (Indonesian), Kunir Asem (Javanese) came from word Kunyit = Turmeric, and Asam = Tamarind which the main ingredient from this drink basically made from : fresh turmeric, tamarind, ginger and palm sugar.

It is a super powerful herbal drink is consumed for many purposed include:

1. Ease period pain
2. Clean up women's inner part (womb, vaginal, etc) from any infection
3. Reduce body odor, smelly sweat, and unpleasant smells from your period
4. It is work for after deliver mom too...

The fresh Ingredients

2 knob fresh old turmeric (Choose as old as you could, the older it has more turmeric-y taste)
1 knob fresh old ginger
2 table spoon fresh tamarind (I bought a wrong one, mine was tamarind mixed with salt) so I put less
2 table spoon palm sugar (or add more if you want sweeter)

1. Roast ginger and turmeric (I am too lazy to turn the oven on, end up with put them on fire)
2. Peel and slice, you will see the different between old and young turmeric. The young one has less yellowish colour.
3. Pound them
4. Add 2-3 glasses boiling water
5. Add in sugar and tamarind
6. Leave for couple minutes, strain and enjoy

I am enjoying this herbal drink so much...

We can also add some honey to add the benefit

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