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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Home Made Bubur Ayam

Bubur Ayam or Rice Porridge is always become all life time favorite. I start learning how nice and easy to make this dish when I was at college 13 years ago in Bogor where Bubur Ayam is almost every morning dish for people around there.

I made my porridge using a crockpot setting into LOW and use up left over chicken from Nando.

1 cup rice
6 cup water
1 pinch salt
1 cube chicken stock
dash of white pepper
1 cm young ginger, smashed
=> mix all ingredients at night, set crockpot into low. Leave for 6-8 hours, in the morning just give a nice stir.
And the porridge is done. Add in more water if you like thinner porridge.

couple pcs chicken bone from roasted chicken
2 glass water
salt, pepper
garlic, minced
spring onion and little bit celery
=> boil chicken bone with 2 glass water, add in all ingredients and give a taste.
simmer a bit, and ready to serve

- Rice crackers
- Shredded Chicken
- Fried onion
- Sweet soy sauce
- spring onion
- bird eye chili, finely cut

all the ingredients ready to arrange

arrange all the ingredient on top of rice porridge
pour in the soup and little bit soy sauce

look adorable in the poor quality picture...

they were gone in the next 10 minutes

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