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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Chicken Corn Sandwich

What you going to do if you have left over roasted chicken from the night before.

I uses to brought to work for lunch on the next day, but now is Ramadhan we fast during the day I couldn't eat them. I was worry to keep throwing the leftover for the whole month and it give use some idea to minimise the wastage.

We recycle ♻ it as sandwich filling. It doesn't take much ingredients to make a good sandwich but make sure:

1. We use super fresh tomato and lettuce

2. Eat immediately after made 

Since then, we used to cook extra chicken purposely we want to use up the left over for the next day sandwich or just to fill the fried rice.

Ingredients :
1 roasted chicken breast /any part,  pulled the meat. Diced nicely 
1 roasted corn, separate the kernel 
1 tbs mayo 
1 tbs dijon mustard 

Mixed all ingredients in the bowl set aside.

Toasted bread, spread with butter.
Spread in the chicken mayo
Arrange sliced tomato, lettuce, and slices cheese. 

Served with your favourite chips

Look good...??

Easy enough to recycle the left over ya..?

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