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Friday, 7 March 2014

Lulur Bali Ratih

Living in Malaysia is not really easy to get lulur (traditional body scrubs), it is way different with when you living in Indonesia where almost every single shop having it.

Yes, lulur is essential part of our life.

After happily use Ovale brand, I explore myself to tried a new one. Bali Ratih is kind of new product to me, but then I realise I've been using then for long time.

The previous brand was "Sekar Jagat" which I've been using for long time.

What I like from Bali Ratih is the aroma and the power in remove the dirt from my skin without crazily scrub.

While other lulur is giving a fresh traditional aromatherapy fragrance to your body, Bali Ratih is leaving fresh fruity aroma to us.

Some more Bali Ratih also completed the package with Body Butter, body lotion and body mist.

Here is the link:
Instagram: @bali_lulur_my
WHATSAPP: +60163886553

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