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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Langkawi Short Trip



Well, it's actually not that short trip.
Took me couple days try to relax my mind.
Work and pressure from the management really almost make me send my r*******n letter.

Yes, the feeling is something I couldn't describe...
People only live around me and listen to my daily thing understand how asshole the politic is. 
You could be blamed and yelled for something out of your power just because you are the admin, the outsider, the foreigner, the worker, the monkey, the slaves and the person paid.

Enough complaining...
My own fault, I still stay at the same place and did nothing.
After back to my hometown, I let myself stop over in Langkawi to pick a fresh air and some duty free.

Thanks to firefly 
You gave me plenty cheap ticket almost everywhere

From a very convenient airport.

there I will unwind my mind
and my sh*t

Lunch at little Mexico
Pantai Chenang
nice Nachos, but bit expensive

Dinner at D'Khas
Not good at all

but the veggie is very fresh

so yes, I eat it

fave breakfast

Fish and Chips at Tanjung Rhu

English Tea in Pantai Chenang

Satay and fried rice from submarine
The old place of Oasis, but now they split into two

one oasis, one submarine

enjoy afternoon by the beach
Eat Pringles drink my coconut

Lovely sunset


totally different with KL face


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