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Monday, 19 August 2013

Ole - Ole Bali

Hari Raya Day-4

The blogging world is becoming way too slow for me..
It's been one week after Hari Raya and I still haven't finished my updates yet.

My sister is arrived from Indonesia cos she need to back to work too.
On the way, she is stop over in our place to spend the weekend.

Some of the decoration which I can't really take the picture
The waiter keeps staring at me with a very weird look (not sure if my pants was unzipped, or one of my boobs is pop out)

So yes, we just sat nicely waiting the food.
No roaming around till inside of the restaurant to take a pic

Couple snaps before food

Good to have my sister around

Lime Barley and Lime Juice, 
Balinese Satay (minced of chicken and fish, arranged in lemongrass stick) RM 19
Balinese grilled chicken combo with vegetable salad, yellow rice and rempeyek (crackers) Rm 39
Tipat Cantuk (Balinese style of vegetable salad with peanut sauce) RM 15

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