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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Chinese New Year Day Off

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Happy New Year everyone..

It's a snake year and I don't even know what that mean

like every believes,
New Year means new beginning. Fresh start..
remove the old crap, close the old file before open the new one (really...?)

we start with doing spring cleaning at home
yes, spring cleaning for new year..
to bring in a new fresh more prosperous business and money (Amin)

anyway, we don't really know those believe are true or not,
but cleaning and make the house fresh are always bring positive feeling.

my multi -talented man

continued with breakfast in the corner

Journal by Plan B

in the afternoon I have to out to pick my sister,
she is arrived from Penang to spend days off with me.
And we had lunch in Mid-Valley

Public holiday in Kuala Lumpur is one of luxury for the local to roam around with car,
the road are empty and very convenient.
But disaster when we use public transportation.
All buses, monorail and train filled with foreign worker all of the sudden.
Far away from comfort but close to yucky....

Secret Recipe

we decided to just visit Mid Valley instead of Pavilion for lunch
I could imagine how people will flood around the city area just to spend days off like us.
chicken cordon bleu... OK la... not bad (but the home cooking roasted chicken taste better)

Mid Valley

couple snap of pictures before we do grocery and go home

steamboat for dinner

the easiest dishes ever
just cut, dip, boil and eat

we didn't buy much thing since just two of us having dinner at home

*Here is the tips if you are not steamboat expert.
Making the soup base could be very tricky.
If you don't know how to make soup base it is highly advisable to buy pre-mix soup base
rather than experimenting DIY like mine which is end up with
- too much black pepper
- too much garlic
- no salt at all
my soup base that night just taste so retarded

*Another shortcut is to use seasoning powder from instant noodle.
Choose chicken soup, meat ball soup or any soup flavour of you favourite
Add in bit of garlic, salt, pepper and celery to give more aroma. 

*Tip number 3:
you don't have steamboat pot?
don't be sad..
We use rice cooker to cook it
(we learn it while we are in college where we could only smuggle very limited electronic appliance in the room ha ha)

some of the ingredient
no vegetable, woops.. :-P

The next day we shop around in Time Square.
It's a bit quiet now, not as crowded as yesterday.

Berjaya Time Squares

couple snaps before we had lunch

Kenny Rogers

cheesecake, hot chocolate and muffin

was short but fun day off.
rest enough, eat enough, walk enough, shop a lot...
tomorrow we start work and study again.

My literature review is waiting....!II erggghhh....

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