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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Langkawi Trip Day 1

We landed in Langkawi at 15:30 Friday.
This is our first trip together on 2013. Exciting? yes of course.
We book some cheap ticket from AirAsia, and it took only 1 hour to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi island.

However, typical me..
Always have problem that I always worry to be late,
we reach the place 3 hours earlier.
*wasting time eh?

I've been way too busy with work, study and my own family till I don't have time to arrange some trip.
Anyhow, we glad we made it.
First in mind when we landed in Langkawi was : cheap alcohol...!!!
Say "hi" the island with checking beer price at airport shops. How amazed me they sold Tiger at RM 3.50 per can. Cheap already compared with beer price in Kuala Lumpur. We bought one to drink in taxi.

Taxi in Langkawi is quite easy to get around airport and Cenang area. However in most hotel they provide taxi on call too.

Check the Beer price...!!!
RM 2.00 for Tiger, RM 3.70 for lovely Hoegaarden
and some of the good we bought on groceries :-P

Taxi from airport to Sunset beach resort was RM 20 for 2 person, and we got the whole minibus for us (not sure how that stuff works).
It took around 15 mins to reach hotel.

Check in to the hotel was quite fast. Not much hassle or questions.
Room was fine. Clean and cold. Everything work in proper way.

couldn't stay long in the room,
we straight away check around soon we put the luggage in.

Beach View from the hotel restaurant

we decide to walk around to checked the area from beaches to restaurant, then lunch in Oasis restaurant next door.
Beaches around the hotel was good.
The water is quite clean. The sands nice too.
But the Jelly Fish sign is bit annoying.

nice quiet beach just at doorstep

Lazy chair to snooze

I just get myself lazy before get ready for dinner.

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