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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Morning Thought

Pictured myself as a  gardener who grew plenty vegetable in my balcony,
they are  community who don't even look at the dirt I am messing around with right now..
Never give me chance to watering my plants,
Never give some kindness to contribute a little effort of seeds,
soils, or maybe some cheap fertilizer..
Pretend that garden is never exist in this community

Do I need to give them some onion  if they want to make beef stew...?
Is it fair if they expect me to give them some of my garlic, strawberry or bean sprout for free...?

I don't think so...

If they never acknowledge me or give me positive help to raise my gardens,
Let's just pretend that garden never exist,
and nobody should expect any fruits or harvest.. or even sprigs of herbs..

I will only do what they acknowledge me doing it..
no extra....
there is no extra think or strategy need to expect from me..
because they never help me trough my study...

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