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Monday, 5 June 2017

Because We Are Cool People

When we got into trouble

We are panic like you, but we hide it well.
We are scared just like you, but we hide it well.

We want a friend to share, of course... Just like you.
But we don't want any judgement or criticism cos it make us even frustrated.
We become very selective in telling our problem. 
We edit as much as possible.
We need to make sure the person we share with do not judge us, nor try to lecturing us, or make us feel criticized.
=> but then it make us looks like LIAR

We used to go to sleep when we have problem.
That is the only SAFE way to runaway from it compared to alcohol or food.

We will wake up,
try to solve.

Then when the problem gone, only we will start talk to people what had happen to us.
*dan cerita itu pun dah jadi basi......

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