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Monday, 29 May 2017

Today's Lunch Box: Banana Pancake and Bakwan Mie

another easy food on-the-go idea.

When you have over-ripen banana lying around on your kitchen table, and noodle from last night dinner. What else we are going to do but re-purpose them and create totally new food.

Banana Pancake
Selai Strawberry
Susu Kotak
Kellogs Honey Star Cereal
Bakwan Mie
Nasi Putih
Sayur Bayam
Susu Kotak.

Banana Pancake:

2 big over ripen banana, mashed
1 egg, beat
2 tbs flour
pinch of salt
1/4 cup milk
1 tbs butter, melted.

Mixed all ingredients except milk. Add in milk little by little until it create thick consistency.
Heat up pan, ladle in batter.
cook until it create bubble on surface.
flip over.

served with honey, jam, jelly, etc.

Bakwan Mie 
*Noodle Fritter
Bahannya nggak pakai ukuran ya, agak-agak sahaja ikut kata hati :)

Any blanched noodle (I use Mee Sua)
salt, pepper, minced garlic
1 tbs flour
bit of water

mix all the ingredients, 
pan fried one spoon at a time.
flip over
drain on paper towel.

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