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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Short Trip To Labuan

It was only short trip where we "join" the Daddy going to Labuan for work.
It was my first time visit Labuan, and I quite excited.
I've browsed so many website about interesting place in Labuan, and most blogger wrote something a bit bland, bored and bitter about Labuan. None of them feel way too excited about the place nor the food.

Anyway, I am still curious and excited...!!

Early flight and someone is still super sleepy :)

It was an early flight and baby hoey still very sleepy.

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Labuan took about 3 hours, and I was so grateful Marcella very well behaved all the way.

She just between laugh, eat, and sleep (thankfully)

We reach the hotel at 10:00 am, and heading straight to Tiara Labuan Hotel.

It took us only 10 minutes drive from the Aiport to the Hotel.
Bear in mind, Labuan is very small island where the whole island can be reach less than 30 min driving (people said), I haven't had chance to give it a try :P

Tiara Labuan is kind of small one-bed room apartment suite.
Each room has its own living room, king size bed in bedroom, two balconies, dining table and small simple kitchen with its cooking equipment.

How handy to stay in the hotel with baby where I need constantly cook and reheat baby food :)

I am testing the level of comfiness 

The bathroom is quite tidy with wide range of toiletries (which doesn't make much different for us, cos we always bring our own bathroom equipment in our bag)

Kitchen corner, small but handy

After finish with checking the room, had some cold drink and rest for a while we decide to going out for lunch. It was super hot mid day and three of us walk like an (idiot) all the way from the hotel to Labuan Square. Approx 30 minutes walk.

Something that we forgot to browse about the opening hours of the restaurants there. Most of the food stalls are closed, and we just lucky by the end of the square corner there is one Mee Kolok stall open.
We just order without thinking.

Fried Rice with Black Pepper Chicken                   Mee Kolok Fish

Both of the food taste bland and according to my tongue its not enough seasoning, not enough salt, not enough sugar, not enough MSG, not enough soy sauce, not enough chili.
Not enough anything I can describe from my palate.
**I still ate them all clean tho.. I was way too hungry.

We spent our two days swimming and eating in the hotel.
Marcella love the swimming pool cos the water was quite warm from the direct sunlight.

Tiara Labuan Hotel offer good quality food.
When Labuan famous with its tasteless food (not enough salt according to West Malaysian, lol)
Tiara Labuan seems understand well about the palate of their guest.

Please check my lunch, it cost us below MYR 20 for each meal.

Steak Sandwich

Dad feeding his baby :)

Meat Loaf from daily lunch deal, not bad at all.
I think it was much better than the regular ala carte food :)

Pumpkin Soup was nice too,

Overall we had a good experience staying in Tiara Labuan Hotel.
Maybe we will visit again, who knows :)

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