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Thursday, 10 November 2016

How To Choose Shoes For Women

If you google about women and shoes, there a lot of saying you could find and one of the best saying is ‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world’. Off course after reading those sayings you will definitely realize how important shoes to most of women. They are not simply buying shoes to wear, but there are few facts to be considered when buying perfect footwear. Let’s continue reading this article to give you some ideas about what type of shoes for women that is suitable for you to wear.

For those wedges lover, you can wear your favourite pair with your office attire to enhance your appearance and also to boost your confidence in the office. These types of shoes are most suitable to be worn by women who have confidence and style.

Here is another saying ‘You can do anything you set in your mind and you can do it in stilettos’. Basically, heels are good to wear with any types of attire but the best look is to match your heels with dresses.

But hey, really..?
I guess not hihi
Stiletto not always match to wear to any kind of attire. 

And if you just need to walk for the whole day, get your feet a pair of sandals or sneakers for the ideal comfort!

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