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Friday, 22 July 2016

The Super Simple Monica 5th Birthday

Monica my little niece turn 5 on 27th June. Knowingly that her cousin will come to Indonesia for Hari Raya she willing to hold her birthday celebration for another week.

The family, partly celebrate a very simple birthday for her :)

Our big family seldom make birthday celebration (I am not sure why)
I guess as a parent they think birthday is just wasting time blow candle where they could use the time to "catch bigger fish" or simply said they don't have money, or no time to spend on birthday thing.

Which I totally disagree..!

Birthday celebration is way way important for kid in their first 10 years to step this harsh world. It's a moment to remember. Blow candle and sing a song seems nothing for us as adult, but mean world for them.

For Monica birthday I offer to bake her a cake. I am skill-less, and sucks in baking tho... Lol.

So I skip in gather ingredients and measuring but purchase pre-mix cake powder. It save lot of time and reduce the chance of failure :)

-2 packs or Green classic carrot cake
- 250 gram unsalted butter
- 125 gram icing sugar
- food colour (blue)
- some sprinkle

I always do work at night, the only spare time I have where Marcella already sleep. Same with baking and prepare the icing.

Cake 1 baked in our old style dutch oven. 

Monica crazy about Frozen stuff. I really want to make the cake "smells" like frozen but oh No, i got no skill in decorate either lol.

In a very minimum skills and equipment I decorate the cake in blue icing as background and white (meant to be snowflakes) 

Not that bad :)
I want to laugh at myself too sometimes
For too confident in making birthday cake.

She seems happy with her cake and presents

The cousins 

Everyone wants to blow a candle too

Happy Birthday Sweetheart hopefully I can bake better cake next year

Being a big girl she wants to cut and distribute the cake by herself.

Happy Birthday Monica Putri Wibowo


Yuni Marliasari said...

itu ultah Ponakan mu diyan?, sekarang tinggal di semarang kah ?

Mrs said...

Aku di Malaysia mami Yun, cuma kemarin pas pulang lebaran aja sekalian besday besday an. Iya, Monica itu ponakan dari kakak no 1. hihihi :)