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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Marcella First Trip To Krabi

We celebrate Papa Jon ahem... 29th birthday
(Yaiyyy.. Still young....)

We got nothing to do in Kuala Lumpur, and we found cheap ticket to Krabi.

We just pack light hand luggage and drove to the airport.

The journey took about an hour and half. 

We arrived in Krabi :)

From airport to hotel took about 30 minutes. Our taxi cost THB 600, other option is by bus/van cost about THB 150/person.

We arrived in the hotel, both kid and dad start testing the comfort level of the bed.
They seems happy :)

We stayed in Apasari Resort in Ao Nang Beach area. Not exactly beach resort, but just nearby. We can walk to the beach.

The hotel quite cheap too, but amazingly super comfortable.

Clean and nice bed, bath tub, toilet, balcony and small swimming pool.

Thailand is paradise of food. If you love veggie (like me) they pamper you with plenty soup and salad.

And I always get excited with street food. So yes, from very first day Mr has to let me roam around collecting plastic bag filled with food.

I got my first meal here, flat noodles seafood and vegetables in corn starch gravy. Quite nice for THB 80 

Fruit is everywhere in Thailand. From street stall, convenient store til massage place. They offer you fresh cutted fruit anytime you want.

I had my huge watermelon almost everyday (and makes me peed all night long)

The 2nd day, we start to wander around. Fron the hotel to Ao Nang Beach took about 5 minutes by tuk-tuk, THB 30/person. We can walk too, but there were construction along the way poor Marcella's stroller and we going to suffer from the dust.

My tropical girl enjoy her chill out moment :)

Beach and iced coffee

Foot massage after that.

And swimming a bit

On the evening we had our dinner out at Wang Sai Seafood Restaurant. Its on the seashore, beautiful sunset view.

Food is very fresh and love those grilled fish. Price? Cheap..

We walked to the restaurant. Quite nice view around

Day 3,
Just another chill out day and enjoy the surrounding.

We didnt go crazy with trip itinerary because we have infant with us.

Travel with baby,
Have tot ake stuff easy. They are very easy to get tired, confused and stress.

Marcella is a big fan of her dad
(I am not sure why) 
She looks really happy when her dad home from work, or she got a chance to cuddling on him.

Dad is the coolest person on earth :)

Happy Girl chill out in hotel room.

Some of the food we enjoy from hotel breakfast buffet.

Waiting our flight back to KL

She cope up with the trip well.
No major stress or confusion. Makes me feel so relieved ☺️☺️☺️

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