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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Ramadhan 2015

Ramadhan sebentar lagi….

Of course, Muslim kat dunia mana yang tak excited dengan bulan Ramadhan.
Bulan yang penuh berkah, penuh pahala, penuh (makanan sedap), bazaar Ramadhan, 
lauk macam-macam...
perrrhhhhhh….. hahaha…

Puasa tahun-tahun lalu, selalu seorang. Puasa tahun ini ada temannya :)
So, memang feel different begitu.
Kata orang jawa, tambah mantep :)

Setelah sebulan penuh berpuasa, kita boleh celebrate Hari Raya :)

Many people doesn't understand why we Muslim love this month so much.
Why we happily starve ourselves while plenty food around. 

regardless with promise of syurga, pahala dan segala mak-neneknya.

Diorang tak akan faham this kind of thing, so here I will explain why I am happily starve myself without touching the religion word (heaven, hell, syurga, pahala-thingy)

1. Fasting taught me to respect food and money (DEEPLY)

Some people think I must be weird caused I able to swallow any kind of food, no pantang-pantang, no picking, no choosing.

When we knew the feeling of hungry and starvation, we will be grateful for any food that exist in the world. The feeling and attitude keep stay on my mind even when we are not in Ramadhan month.

2. Make me feel more emphatic to less-fortunate people

When we can't touch food and drink. Could you may imagine how suffer it is..?
For us, it might only happen one month in a year, for other people hungry and starvation might part of their daily life.

3. Discipline

With fasting, there is a specific time to start and stop eating and drinking, and we force ourselves to follow without fail.
(well, sure you can eat or drink, or do anything as you like without other knowing)
But self discipline is about you and yourself :)

Selamat Berpuasa Kawan-Kawan Semua

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Bunda Unie said...

Selamat berpuasa ya dee, pulang enga ke semarang ?