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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Langkawi Short Vacation: Day 2

Dah namanya short vacation kan,
apa-apa serba short dan lazy.

After we rent motorbike, check-out from Cactus Inn.
Kita orang pindah tempat ke Sunset Beach Resort
Naik scooter angkat suitcase... hahaha... (Kelakar jugak la......)

Check-In doesn't take so much time,
since the hotel owner knew us very much. We are repeat customer.
And mostly they remember the repeat customer.

What we like, what room we wants... etc etc.

We heard from the rumor, that half of Sunset Beach Resort + Oasis Restaurant being sold to 
Berjaya Group .

Berjaya you also want to have hotel in Cenang ah..??

We were worried that the room might be noisy due to construction etc.
But the owner convinced us, everything still fine and quiet.

They are right,
Sunset Beach Resort still cute.
Still nice, clean, tidy and friendly.

They set up plenty photo booth for guess.
Which are very cute and creative

Checking the beach,
Still nice and enjoyable

Stunning beach to lazy around all day around

Still pretty and enjoyable until the construction start

We had lazy afternoon and a bit wefie
kalau macam ni tak nampak lengan aheheh...

Lunch was at Yellow Beach Cafe, Pantai Cenang
Nice Cheese sandwich and crispy popiah.
This restaurant is not cheap (according to me), I am a low budget people ye... heheh

No regret, 
the food came in a nice quality meal.

Foot Massage at local parlor. 
Not so relaxing...
I want more powerful massage, but I guess the massage girl were too tired and exhausted
after whole day working

We continue to have dinner at local restaurant (again)
Yes, we are in the Island.
I guess we should eat seafood.

The best telur dadar dan sayur campur I've ever ate.
Tak tahu jampi apa H. Ramli bubuh dalam bumbu tu.
Memang pamper my tummy...

The grilled fish itself cost us RM 45
The rest was RM 10 each

Lepas makan, macam biasa....
Bego dan tak larat jalan..

We still need to walk to Debbie's Place to watch MU

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