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Monday, 20 April 2015

Langkawi Short Trip: Day 1

We reach KLIA 2 at 12pm and had some lunch.
Selalu sibuk nak makan di KL Sentral, because LCCT tak cukup tempat makan.
But now we don't mind to eat in the airport. KLIA 2 has plenty (more than enough) eateries for all visitor.

Terlampau banyak tempat makan, lagi pening nak makan apa..
(Sebenarnya pening nak makan apa adalah perkara biasa.... 
Bukan time travelling je, kat rumah hari-hari at least 2 jam conversation  
forum diskusi "Bu....malam ini nak makan apa....???  Pelik tak?? heheheh)

Nanyang Chicken Rice (betul ke nama restaurant tu.... hehe)

Kali ini, sesuai janji
The trip should be free and easy.
Not much plan, not much go-here-and-there

because Mama-San is in the boiling point
(Mama-san memang selalu nak marah je pun... stress je pun... nak pitam je..)
Papa-San layan je sambil makan kacang menglembu

Flight landed exactly after 45 min
Taxi from Langkawi Airport to Pantai Tengah is MYR 22 
(we give him RM 27 just because his car was Avanza)

It took us about 15-20 min to Pantai Tengah area, and we ceck-in to Cactus Inn

Cactus Restaurant is very famous among local and Westerner who wants nice Western Breakfast but not as expensive as Red-Tomato in Pantai Cenang.

We just came to know that the restaurant has some nice room behind.
It wasn't a crowded-high density room.
I guess only 8 rooms, and the rest was open area.
For the price we pay (RM 180.00) the room was quite big, new, clean and surprisingly good.
New mini fridge and nice hot-cold shower too.

Langkawi = Beach = Panas = Iced Drink
Yes... was a very hot afternoon.
Once we check-in, we stop at WOOD KITCHEN BAR PANTAI TENGAH
I guess the place is quite new, or we didn't really notice
It just a simple square non-permanent-wooden-shed,
but surprisingly plenty people come and love the place

Its quite relaxing to enjoy afternoon drink, play pool or dart.
Or simply chit-chat with people around.

We really want to eat grilled fish and some seafood treat while we were in the island.
Dinner was at Maya Kitchen, Pantai Tengah.
We arrived a bit early (LUCKY...!!)
otherwise we have to queue

Deep fried squid was nice
Pad Thai Mee was nice
Sweet and sour fish was so so.. It was fine, but we didn't get the "kick" from the fish
dah sayang, dah bayar, dah order...
telan je la sampai habis

we walked around with almost exploded tummy before back to hotel

The next day before check out from Cactus, we had breakfast there.
I guess the most reasonable restaurant which have proper western breakfast after Red Tomato.
Red Tomato MAHAL....

Mine was omelette, baked potato with buttermilk sauce. Papa-san breakfast was Farmer Breakfast (basically stir fried minced meat with potato, eggs, tomato dan segala mak nenek-nya)
Very satisfying and calm my tummy.. :)

After gulp my coffee, we walk to Pantai Cenang to look for Scooter Rental..

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