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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Stir Fried Beef and Fermented Black Bean

Daging masak tauco pedas

We found this recipe from Asian Food Channel (AFC) 
It is simple, light and satisfying.
You can change the beef with any protein you like (chicken, sotong, tofu, fish, fish balls, fish cake, etc) 

200 gram beef,  slices
1/2 yellow bell pepper cut nicely
1 tbs spicy black bean sauce (tauco pedas)
2 cups any vegetable you like 
(I use baby bok choy and French bean)

1/2 onion slices
5 garlic, slices
Dash of black pepper and salt
1/4 cup water

Heat up 2 tbs cooking oil in wok, cook beef lightly and put aside.
add on onion and garlic, Cook a while til soft. Add in black bean and water. Leave a while till the water boil.

Add in green vegetable, stir fast, taste...
Add salt and pepper.
Couple second before served, add bell pepper. Stir quickly and turn the fire off.

The heat from other vegetable will cook the pepper.

Served with hot steamed rice.


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